Understanding Viral Video Marketing Concept

Viral advertising also known as viral video marketing is a concept or a business strategy. You can use any existing social networks to promote any product. Understanding viral video marketing is an extremely important part to promote your business. For the promotion of your company, brand or service, do a successful use of it. It promotes brand awareness, services and helps in achieving many other benefits. This methodology depends on audience sharing these videos on social platforms, so that it may bring an impact. Some of the best marketing videos in 2016 have broken 10 million views and had a huge audience.

Why is it important to use Viral Video Marketing?

Viral Video Marketing extremely necessary for a company to promote it on social media. And Publicity and promotion are the must-have also for your company through this. In the new world, the business world has become very competitive which has forced marketers to develop new innovative business strategies to achieve the intended goal. Due to the rise in the use of social media apps, it has become an effective venue to target a large number of audience. Having a viral video marketing generate great awareness among the huge audience. Other important reasons are:

  • Economical Marketing: video marketing costs really less as compared to other marketing techniques. Having a short teaser video for promotion on the Web is easy and host it using different services. It depends on the techniques you use to create it. If it casts any Famous celebrity it is definitely going to cost more.
  • Audience targeting: it is preferred to start with a small audience in the beginning to target a relatively larger audience. Video Marketing is an engaging promotional tool as people are more likely to engage with the company.

Steps to make your video Viral?

There can be a number of factors to impact the Viral Marketing Video. There are a few do’s and don’ts to follow:

  • Attach an Emotional Chord: generally, people prefer to share a video which makes them have a feel. Making a story emotional is beneficial but avoid making a depressing video. Making an emotional video is a key element. Use punch lines to get the best effect to possible and does not display any sad content.
  • Keep branding to the minimum: Keeping brand subtle or minimum is actually a great approach to have a video that will put a great impact on viewers and help them connect with your company.
  • Do planning: A constructive plan is important for marketing prior to the making of a very highly impactful video. Mostly, preferring for dealing with someone with a huge fan following to assist in making the tour video viral.

There are many other marketing efforts to create a hype for a video. It is possible in many ways such as posting short films earlier than release or creating teaser videos etc. People are always looking for web content to consume and videos are most often a preferred source.


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